Great News!

As part of the Innovation Incubator 4.0 project, the results of the call for the implementation of pre-implementation works were announced.
The Investment Committee decided to grant support and co-financing the project under the leadership of Professor Mikołaj Leszczuk, No. WPP/4.0/2/2021 named “Advanced indicators of visual quality”.

What is it actually about?
One of the problems in transmitting a video signal is measuring the quality perceived by the recipients of the system, therefore it is very important for a content provider to quickly detect distortions. The first automatic image distortion detection systems are already on the market. Also as part of the work carried out at the AGH Institute of Telecommunications, algorithms detecting such distortions were developed (
However, the current attempts to license these algorithms in business realities are faced with problems related to the instability of the algorithms operation in the conditions of changing image resolution. Therefore, it is planned to prepare for the implementation of visual quality distortion indicators, which will be prepared for operation in production conditions and will be adapted to changes in image resolution.
Our current video quality metrics are available and licensed as standalone download and runtime software. We would like to be able to demonstrate the final version of the technology, taking into account the resolution changes, in the form of Software as a Service (SaaS). The user will be able to stream or upload video materials to our server, and we responded to the user (via a browser or a special API) with the results of the analysis in the form of indicator values.